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Our Speakers at the Summit

Keynote Speaker

David Begbie

David Begbie is a Director at the Crossroads Foundation, a humanitarian aid and development organization, headquartered in Hong Kong. 

About David Begbie

Over the past 25 years, David has represented Crossroads for the press, educational institutions, business corporations, consular and United Nations events. He is also the director of Crossroads’ experiential programs which have seen over 220,000 participants engage in simulations, including attendees at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He has repeatedly seen that strategic change only comes about if we all, as individuals, choose to ‘be the change’ we wish to see. 


At the 2024 SDG Summit, David Begbie will be speaking about how Crossroads has maintained sustainability over 28 years, covering financial stability, impactful initiatives, and expanding volunteer and service reach. He will delve into strategies for students to sustain the success of their impacts, drawing parallels with Crossroads' long-term achievements.



Esteemed NGOs participate in an insightful panel discussion on embedding sustainability and longevity within organizational visions and operations. Moderated by Romina P, GGC Council Executive and public speaker,  panelists from environmental, service, and many more fields will discuss adversities and lessons learned from Building a Sustainable System.


Poh Lee Tan

Founder and Director Mighty Oaks

At Mighty Oaks Foundation, we create an age-friendly society by enriching community life through meaningful intergenerational engagement. We believe every elder deserves to live with dignity, purpose, hope, and love​. Our approach is to, build connections and friendships between old and young so all ages can flourish together.


Devana Ng

Co-Founder at Invisible Company

"Invisible Company's mission is to inspire and educate others to make positive changes and protect the environment, with sustainable and innovative products. Our goal is to reduce negative impacts and preserve the beauty of our environment through responsible packaging and a sustainable community."


Head of Communications & Development at HELP

HELP for Domestic Workers is committed to supporting migrant domestic workers to gain access to justice and receive fair and equal treatment in Hong Kong.  Since 1989, we have supported migrant domestic workers through advice, assistance, education and empowerment. We equip the employers of domestic workers with knowledge and awareness so that they can build a mutually beneficial relationship with their domestic workers. We believe that sustainable change can only be made by working together with both domestic workers and employers.

Youth Talks

The event promises to be insightful, featuring three segments: Passion, where speakers share their motivations and journey behind their social initiatives; Purpose, highlighting their vision, successful campaigns, and impact; and Sustainable Systems, offering lessons on maintaining these initiatives and inspiring other youths to act on their passions. This event is a unique opportunity for students to learn from peers about the challenges and triumphs in creating meaningful community impact.

Ema P

Founder of Making Waves Club

Here is a description of Making Waves Club: Making Waves Club is a community of young photographers, filmmakers, and storytellers working together on behalf of our ocean. We are the only planet with oceans, and they are indispensable for our survival. However, the ocean often stays hidden from the eyes of many people. That is why, overfishing, climate change, pollution, and acidification have pushed our oceans to the brink of collapse. Our aim is to tell the story of our ocean, its biodiversity, its beauty, as well as the threats and human impact above and below the surface. We also try to capture solutions, positive examples of ocean protection, in order to amplify their impact. In June, we hosted our second annual Ocean Youth Eco International Film Festival which offers a platform to young people to use their creativity in fighting for ocean protection. We had a total of 250 submissions from 44 countries, including the US, Rwanda, Spain, Iran and Brazil.

Ava C

Founder of Neurodiversity HK

Neurodiversity HK’s key mission is to foster a community that welcomes, includes and values neurodiverse and special needs individuals. We achieve this through spreading awareness and education of neurodiversity among our chapters (CDNIS, GSIS, KGV, HKIS, DBS), and direct service initiatives where we create opportunities to bring special needs individuals together, to learn and to have fun in an environment where they are understood and valued.

Reiss L

Founder & Co-leader of STEMcademy

STEMcademy is a student-led organization that aims to stem the educational gap by providing free STEM educational opportunities and workshops for underprivileged students. STEMcademy's team of 70+ volunteers has delivered 60+ workshops to 400+ students internationally.  Working closely with Kids4Kids and The University of Hong Kong, we aim to deliver STEM opportunities of varying levels of difficulty to share our passion for STEM with our community.

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