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Keynote Speaker

Olivia Cotes-James
Founder of LUÜNA Naturals

Olivia 2.jpg

Olivia is the founder and CEO of LUÜNA, an award-winning period and symptom care company. Based in Hong Kong, Olivia is recognised as a leading menstrual equity educator, having designed and implemented programs which cater to the needs of menstruating employees and students at companies, schools and universities around the world. Olivia has been recognised for this work, with accolades including Hong Kong’s Cultural Leader of Tomorrow 2022, Forbes 30 Under 30 2021, Hong Kong Wellness Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 and Shanghai Young Business Leader of the Year 2020. Before launching LUÜNA, Olivia spent three years building a community in Asia, centred around the need for greater education and improved solutions to support hormone health–something she had struggled to manage herself for over a decade. It was through this community that the need for LUÜNA as a company became clear, leading her to launch the brand with its first products in 2019.

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