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Global Goals Clubs Council


Hey everyone! I’m Kayla, the Marketing Director for the GGC council. I am extremely driven to make an impact on sustainable development by empowering our youth to make a difference and make those meaningful connections. I am mainly in charge of managing GGC social media, content creation, and communicating with both our school and the global community. Besides that, I am also involved in planning and hosting different GGC related events. I'm really excited and look forward to working with the amazing group we have this year!

Kayla - Marketing Director

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Hi everyone! My name is Lavanya and I'm the internal administrator for the Council! I have a sizeable passion for mental health advocacy and education equality. My role this coming year will primarily be to engage further within our school community through leadership workshops, and the wider HK community. Looking forward to this wonderful journey and hoping to support and inspire! 

Lavanya  - Internal Administrator 


Hi everyone, I’m Mira, one of the Administrators of the GCC Council. Over the years of being part of acting in this role, I’ve grown to love seeing young individuals passionate about helping the community and I take pride in being able to directly help in their journey towards the SDGs. I firmly believe that as our global issues continue the grow, it is vital for the younger generation, who will become the future leaders of our world, to take initiative and bring innovative solutions to our world’s pressing issues. It is my goal to create truly inspiring opportunities for students to broaden their perspectives.

Mira - External Administrator 


Hey everyone! I’m Romina, the event planner for the global goals council. I’m very proud to be able to work with an amazing team toward the common goal of educating others on the sustainable development goals. I know for a fact without partners, students and my teammates the SDG’s would be impossible to achieve. The emphasis of this summit is the significance of partnerships and cross generational cooperation. Through the various guest speakers, panels, workshops and service I believe the HK SDG summit is an essential opportunity and tool for any group or individual attempting to undertake the SDG’s. While these goals may seem challenging, I believe together we can conquer them.

Romina - Event Planner


Hi! I'm Sohana, the new event planner for the GGC Council. I am extremely passionate about gender inequality, quality education and sustainable infrastructure. With this role, I hope to increase our schools engagement with the SDG's within our local and global community. I am so excited to work with such an innovative and collaborative team! 

Sohana - Event Planner


Welcome to the second HK SDG Summit; a collaboration between educators, changemakers, NGOs and activists, who are leading the Education for Sustainable Development movement in Hong Kong. Please explore the site, sign up for the summit and get in touch with us to learn more about the positive impact our Global Goals Clubs have in our local and global communities. We look forward to meeting you and developing partnerships for sustainable change.

Matthew Schulte - Coordinator of Local and Global Engagement 


I have been an advisor for the GGC Council for the past 4 years and I couldn’t be more proud of the accomplishments of our team. The world is constantly changing and in order for it to continue to move in a more positive direction, our youth must lead that change. This year’s Summit promises to be an interactive and inspiring experience as it is being led by Hong Kong’s most prominent NGOs. Their work continues to transform Hong Kong towards accomplishing the SDGs. Moreover, I am very excited about our panel of Hong Kong youth changemakers who continue to inspire me by the work they do. I hope you take part in this event and be the difference the world needs!

Gregg Lee - Advisor

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What is the Global Goals Clubs Council?

GGC Council (formerly known as ‘GIN’) @ CDNIS’ mission is to guide GG clubs in their efforts to promote awareness of local and international issues, help students develop a sense of stewardship and inspire them to create solutions for problems, and take action at a variety of scales.



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