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2024 SDG Summit

Saturday March 16 - 2024
8:30am to 3:15pm

Building Sustainable Systems

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2024 HK SDG Summit
Building Sustainable Systems


This year, the Global Goals Club Summit embraces a vital and forward-thinking theme: "Building Sustainable Systems for Longevity and Continuity in School Clubs." At the heart of this theme is the recognition that sustainable systems are often viewed through an environmental lens. However, our focus extends beyond the immediate environmental impact to encompass the enduring legacy and long-term effectiveness of school clubs dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our theme underscores the importance of creating robust, resilient systems within school clubs that transcend the yearly turnover of members and executives. It's about instilling a culture and structure that ensures each club's mission and efforts towards the SDGs are not only impactful today but continue to thrive and evolve in the years to come.
During the Summit, participants will engage in workshops and discussions centered around developing strategies and systems that support their clubs' social and environmental objectives. These sessions are designed to equip club members with the tools and knowledge necessary to build a foundation that will sustain their initiatives, even as club leadership changes.
We believe that by focusing on the longevity and continuity of club operations, we can create a ripple effect of sustainable change that aligns with the global mission of the SDGs. This year's Summit is not just about what we can achieve now, but how we can continue to make a difference for the future.

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Impact Fair

The goal of this Impact Fair is to have leading change makers and NGOs collaborate to make a stronger impact towards the SDGs and critical causes that Hong Kong non-profits need help to address. The aim is to break the barrier between NGOs and youth, allowing us to thrive together as a community. You will have the opportunity to inform students about your courses from different international schools, and make meaningful connections. 

Hosted by GGC Council:

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