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Global Goals Clubs


CDNIS GGC clubs serve as a dynamic platform for all students, empowering them to become agents of change and make a significant difference in their immediate environment and beyond. By actively engaging with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our GGC clubs, CDNIS students not only raise awareness about critical issues but also take meaningful action to contribute to positive change.


Our GGC clubs encompass a wide range of initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable and equitable future. Through creative and thought-provoking campaigns, our students effectively communicate the goals and inspire others to join the cause.


The notable rise in the proliferation of GGC clubs, from 11 in 2019 to 17 clubs today, demonstrates the growing focus on the significance of the SDGs within our school community. This upward trend is a testament to an evolving mindset and a collective commitment to building a sustainable and equitable future.


As we continue to foster the growth of GGC clubs, we encourage all students to explore these opportunities for engagement. Together, we can amplify our efforts and create a lasting impact on the issues that matter most.


Alliance is our official club for LGBTQIA+ students with the mission of promoting understanding and inclusion.

Animal Welfare

Cultivates a stronger senseof awareness for the issue of animal endangerment,
creating a lasting, positive impact within our school and local community.

Connect CDNIS

Connect CDNIS enhances CDNIS students' health and wellbeing through education, advocacy and service, targeting the three areas of student mental wellbeing, drug and substance abuse, and sexual health and education.

Cooking for a Cause

Prepares and serves meals for refugees at a local
soup kitchen.


Bridges service with advocacy for the environment. It is focused on finding and implementing sustainable solutions for conserving and restoring the natural environment.

Habitat for Humanity

CDNIS chapter seeks to find solutions for substandard housing in Hong Kong and around the region.


Interact is associated with Hong Kong’s Rotary Organisation. It tackles local and global issues through monthly service activities.

Love for our Elders

Reaches out to elderly people offering comfort and

Minds Aligned

Promotes dialogue and awareness around mental health issues.


Works to raise awareness
about variations in the human brain and cognition
with the aim of promoting inclusion.


Orbis is inspired by the Hong Kong chapter of an
international NGO of the same name. It combats
avoidable blindness by raising awareness and improving access to quality eye health.


Advocates for gender equality.

Social Frontline

Addresses a range of social
issues in Hong Kong.

Sunshine Action

Sunshine Action is dedicated to helping the
underprivileged and advocating for social justice.

The Reading Tree

Delivers educational support for non-native English language learners in Hong Kong and elsewhere.


UNICEF shares its focus with the United Nations
agency of the same name; striving to provide humanitarian aid for children in need.

World Health Club

Focuses on educatingmembers of the CDNIS community about good physical and mental health.


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