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Interactive and Skill-Based Workshops

Africa Center HK

The African Drumming Workshop Experience is an immersive and interactive session that introduces participants to the vibrant rhythms and cultural significance of African drumming. Through a series of activities, including learning basic drumming techniques, exploring rhythm and timing, engaging in a drum circle, and gaining cultural context, participants of all skill levels can develop their drumming skills and deepen their understanding of African music. The workshop culminates in a celebratory performance where participants can showcase their newfound skills.


Mighty Oaks

What comes to mind when you first hear the word "Ageing"? Does it evoke a sense of complexity, mystery, or even notoriety for you? However, have you ever questioned whether that represents the whole truth?


Let's navigate through the intricate maze of life with our "life-mentors" to uncover the myths and realities of aging. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to experience the potential physical conditions of older individuals, engage in physical games and exchange your thoughts and emotions afterward.


Join Mighty Oaks in creating an inclusive society where people of all ages can flourish together.


Neurodiversity HK

The Neurodiversity Club returns to the SDG Summit to bring a series of simulations and activities, including auditory and over sensory stimulation, motor skill grocery shopping, coupled with a shark-tank-like pitching activity. Participate in unique and engaging workshops to learn more about neurodiversity and how you can take action!

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Girl Talk

The GirlTalk workshop is a discussion-based approach to learning and sharing to work towards our goal to create a safe space for all girls and female-identifying individuals, where they feel supported, empowered, and inspired. The aim of this workshop is to share how our teaching curriculum is made, and give participants a taste of the methods we hope to implement. 


Join GirlTalk to experience a discussion-based approach through original conversation cards for learning and sharing!

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Making Waves

Films have the power to engage with the audience by creating empathy and calling to action regardless of age. But to create a powerful film, you must first have an impactful story which will be able to give voice to what is often hidden from the eyes of the people and hope to help change their perspective. This is a workshop where stories from your heart become catalysts for social change, where the power of photography and storytelling unite to make an impact. Participants will get the chance to unleash their creative potential and craft a 2-minute, 2-slide, no-notes presentation on a topic they are passionate about. 


Join Making Waves to discover how videography can evoke emotions that transcend language and barriers.

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Pursuing your 'x'

Join us for an exciting and interactive workshop designed to equip you with the essential tools to confidently pursue your direction in life. Are you ready to uncover the missing pieces that will propel you towards your goals and aspirations?

Discover the fascinating world of character strengths and learn how to harness them effectively to achieve your goals and aspirations.

In this transformative workshop, you'll delve into powerful approaches that will propel you towards your dreams. Uncover your unique strengths and explore actionable methods to leverage them for success. Gain the clarity and confidence needed to confidently pursue your direction in life, armed with practical strategies that go beyond mere self-reflection.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your true potential and become equipped with the skills needed to fearlessly pursue your dreams. Join us for a dynamic workshop filled with excitement, practical tactics, and tangible steps towards your goals. Sign up now and embark on a life-changing journey towards achieving your "𝑥"!




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Christian Action 

An in-depth workshop on building sustainable programs through a client stakeholder lens through one of your outstanding programs such as the Human Library project or ladies empowerment. We trust in your ability to design and deliver an engaging and informative session that aligns with the theme of Sustainable Systems and objectives of the SDG summit


Habitat for Humanity - CDNIS

The Habitat for Humanity workshop will teach participants about what we do as a club inside of a school community and in the HK community. Participants will be able to get a better understanding of what it's like to live in subdivided flats through a simulation. We will also have time for a discussion at the end regarding this pressing issue and its presence in HK.


DC Green Cobras

Green Cobras will be hosting a Shark Tank-esque workshop where everyone will be brainstorming ideas to combat an issue from their chosen case study. The small groups are expected to create a presentation / pitch to convince us and the judges that their solution would be viable. It would be assessed by a well rounded criteria and the group who wins just may win a prize! This activity allows students to be more open-minded and activate their critical thinking skills for the people and planet. More importantly their solutions would most likely be able to be implemented in their own schools.

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At CDNISMUN, our goal is to provide a platform for engaging debate through the use of specific, hand-picked committees and the careful selection of diverse and engaging topics. We hope to provide all students with the chance to seek out new challenges and advance their own skills in both debate and MUN.

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Plastic Free Seas

Plastic Free Seas focus on education. They teach not only about the problems but also the solutions people need to take on and push for, to reduce the scourge of plastic pollution in Hong Kong and beyond.


CDNIS Speech & Debate

In our workshop, you will learn basic soft skills that will help you in public speaking and persuasion. We will host 4 activities that relate to interview responses, elevator speeches, business pitch, and finally a critical analysis of a pre-existing argument or speech. Through these activities, students will be better equipped with communication skills that will benefit them in school and in the future. Looking forward to working with you all!

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Unlocking the Power of Change

Unlock the power of change with the Global Citizen Diploma (GCD) workshop! 🌍✨ Dive into a world where your actions spark a brighter future, one small step at a time. Ever wondered how to turn your community project from a simple idea into a life-changing reality? 🚀 This is your chance to find out!


Join us as we tackle the big questions: Are our partnerships truly making a difference? Could we accidentally be causing more harm than good? 🤔 Through exploring real-life projects, we'll uncover the secrets to supercharging your impact and making sure your efforts genuinely benefit everyone involved.


Get ready to transform your passion into action. Let's create waves of change together! 🌟

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